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Furniture advice

Do you have a hard time figuring out how your furniture fits into your interior, or do you simply have no idea which furniture completes your interior? Es can widen your interior design insights to ensure the perfect composition in your interior. 

1h consult  at your home

Wij komen langs bij u thuis, om te kijken naar de ruimtes waar u hulp bij nodig heeft.  

Any space required is discussed

Max 100m2

Furniture advice

If you are looking for new furniture in your interior, than is this advice perfect for you. It can range from a sofa to the small details in the interior such as tableware ect.

Final result - Presentation

You will receive a presentation on A3 with all the information discussed and tips and tricks

Max 100m2

Each additional hour is charged at an hourly rate of 50 euros

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