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Hove is a renovation of a house into two luxury apartments in the city center.


The biggest challenge of this project, was to create enough space, while providing the needed utilities for both the apartments. After, we agreed to develop two different apartments, as you can see in the pictures below by using the preserved elements of the house. Finally, we also did some exterior adjustments, to provide a relaxing and clean outdoor area. 


In cooperation with ‘2000 construct’.


Hove, Belgium

On going, 2023


BePresent_ Hove_App1_Leefruimte_Keuken_Finale4Kvisualisatie.jpg
BePresent_ Hove_App1_App2_Terras_Finale4Kvisualistie.jpg
BePresent_ Hove_App1_Badkamer_Finale4Kvisualisatie.jpg
BePresent_ Hove_App2_Keuken_Finale4Kvisualisatie copy.jpg
BePresent_ Hove_App2_Leefruimte_Finale4Kvisualisatie.jpg
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