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"Every great design starts with an even better story​"

Architecture is so much more than the building itself or the location of the property you are working with. Even the types of equipment, materials, and tools that are used don't make the biggest difference anymore. For me, the difference can be made when you combine old architecture influences with different cultures and make these emotions collide with a personal touch.

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Esmée Meyer
graduated in 2020 with a Master degree
at the University of Antwerp.

True the years she developed an eye for aesthetics and a passion for creating new environments by mixing cultures, letting small details bloom and blend art into your life led me to this point.
My own studio "Es architecture"

With my personal inspiration, cultural experiences, and your interests and preferences, I will make you're spaces come alive. 


Solutions by Es

  • Consultations

  • Interior design / Plan 2D

  • Commercial / Residential

  • Renovation / New building

  • Materialisation

  • 3D

  • Color advice

  • Lighting plan

  • Textile / Decoration

  • Space Planning

  • Furniture Selection

  • Concept development

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