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Row house

Row house The first assignment of the year consists of a terraced house designed for a family. The family consists of a man and a woman with a teenage daughter. The man works shifts, which means he has very irregular working hours. The woman is a banker and since she was a child her hobby has been surfing. Now she illustrates her collection of surfboards that she has had in their home over the years. As a result, the Woons has been designed with love for surfing. This sport is linked to nature, because surfing is practiced in nature. In this sport one can freely feel the power of the mother earth in her waves and the emotion of the sea. In order to create the right mentality of the life of a surfer family, it was important not to lose privacy in public and private spaces. As a result, the facade is designed to be more closed than the facade behind it. The rear facade has been completely opened up, creating a greater amount of nature that is brought inside. It takes a sense of freedom and openness. To boost these aspects more, a slightly higher surface area was used when entering the house. The water surface flows from the inside to the outside. As a result, nature is more centralized and there is a link with the hobby and the feeling of the mother in the house.

The layout of the house, An openness has been created, so that no closed spaces can be found. It offers residents a relaxed way of life. The water surface can be seen on the first floor, which is on the ground floor. It can be seen through a playful seating area that arises from a kind of fishing net. It can be compared to a large hammock, through which one can see. This design decision emphasizes the connection between the ground floor and the first floor. Due to the transparency of the two floors, one can also observe the surfboard collection on the first floor. Mainly the first floor will be used for relaxing, reading a book, watching TV. In addition, a small office space has been created to do administrative work (I.E. Mother's Banker documents). The third floor is dedicated to bedrooms and a shared bathroom

Image's from Esmée Meyer

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