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Dominant During this assignment we were asked to develop a project in group. We had to create a room that had a dominant incidence of light. Furthermore, a sound had to be developed to reinforce the feeling of dominance. Before we started, research was needed, especially about lightning and the expanded meaning of the word dominant. This would give us a broader view of what was expected and the options we had for expressing the subject in the design. Research has shown that color and darkening in the room were important and sharp elements. Our design is based on these aspects, as we created a darkroom that leads you through small areas, combined with sharp elements that are accentuated with a dark green or red color. As you walk, a composition is played that starts out slow and eventually ends very loudly with a scary undertone. The result is that the composition and the combined space give a dominant feeling while walking.

Group members: Sam Raeymakers, Ysaline Masure, Charlotte De Caluwe, Emma Beyens, Leen Maes, Esmée Meyer.

Image's from Esmée Meyer

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