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The Erasmus Program.

(EINA, Centre Universiatri de Disseney I Art, Adscrit a la UAB.)

Since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by 

design. The Interior Architecture study at the 

University of Antwerp has fulfilled my wishes and needs. The knowledge I have gained over the years, combined with personal external reading, has led me to conclude that there is complexity in comparing different tastes and styles in different locations and cultures. Because the course mainly focused on the standardized “Rules of Trade”, where knowledge is collected through theory, I realized that Erasmus experiences would be crucial to find a personal expression and produce unique style.

The Erasmus program of EINA has had a good 

result regard to my study of interior architecture. This has stimulated me to create a broader vision and perspective regarding architectural styles. It has 

resulted in a better understanding as an individual of my definition of architectural elegance and allure. In addition, it has presented the necessary 

challenges to increase my capacities both 

educational and personal. Getting out of my 

comfort zone was an important part of this, making it easier for me to open up. In short, it was a very interesting experience to be independent on a 

private and educational level and what has driven me to be a strong and driven person.

Image's from Esmée Meyer

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